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Team building is an ongoing process.  Other companies want to sell you one-time activities or events, and they get paid whether it works well or not.  Either way, three months later, you're right back where you started, trying to think of another activity. 

We are different.  As a membership, think of us as your team building and morale department, working hard to come up with the most creative solutions to keep your office smiling throughout the year.  We work all online, to keep the costs low, and you in control.

Every 8 to 10 weeks, we inject your office with our unique brand of morale boosting, right in the background of any normal workweek. Our style is to never utter the words, "team building," or, "everyone to the conference room for mandatory staff development!"  Whether it's a week-long mystery adventure that begins with an ominous email randomly sent to the staff, a Wheel of Fortune game show day, an impromptu stress relief staycation, escape room, staff appreciation week, themed holiday party, etc...  We want the staff to love it and for you to take all the credit.

The whole idea is to create a fantastic workplace environment over the long haul. You don't have the time to constantly think of new, fun, creative ideas to keep the staff engaged, but we do, and because our success depends on your continued membership, we are relentless at providing only the best and most innovative team building and morale solutions.  



-Tim Mollenkopf, Owner



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