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"This was so great!! The staff loved it, got into it, and new relationships formed between people who typically do not work together. A lot of great ideas developed out of the contest too which I plan to pursue at our next "normal" staff meeting. We loved it!!"    -Marci Goodrich

"Thank you for following up! In short, we had an amazing time last week. Quite honestly, I was shocked at how much the staff got into it. I have always prided myself on having an upbeat and positive work climate, but I don't think we realized how much we needed something fun to do as a staff until this event came along! In my 14 years, I've never seen anything quite like it. Thank you!"    -Jeffrey Riel

"Thanks, Johanna. We are going to sign up for membership. This was by far the easiest team building activity I have done and the staff talked about it all day. It was a great way to end the month."    -Ruth Tomlinson

"Everyone had a wonderful time! They were so perplexed with the acronym and the fact that they couldn’t find it on Google. Thank goodness!! Teams all dressed up and really interacted in such an enthusiastic manner. Thank you so much for a great teambuilding activity!!"    -Mrs. Darcy Thompson
"Hi Johanna We had a great time! I've received many compliments and even had someone at the building leadership team meeting last night say it was one of the best things we've ever done. Thank you so much for offering this to us. I've attached a picture of one of the can probably tell they were out to win!"    -Nancy Gardner

"It was an absolutely awesome day! We had a great time and our staff is VERY competitive. Everything went great and a good time was had by all! Thank you!"    -Angela Lane
"It was AWESOME!!! We LOVED it! The staff is already talking about "when we do this again...""    -Veronica J. Eskew

"It was FABULOUS!!!! We absolutely LOVED it!!! It was literally THE BEST week we have had all year!!!!! Thank you so much!! "    -Julie Gannam

"It was FANTASTIC! We are very excited to continue this partnership."    -Dr. Michael Forehand
"It was GREAT! We've had so much fun with everything....and the staff is still buzzing about the grand finale yesterday."    -Tressa Decker

"It was great!! We had a lot of laughs and the staff talked about it for days after. Thanks for making it so easy to implement"    -Kim Austin

"IT WAS OFF THE HOOK!!! Everyone loved it and we just now finished up. They left here laughing and loved the entire process. I will send the pictures and video uploads. This has been the best event I have done in three years!"    -Shawn Moore

"It was perfect! I feel blessed to have been provided this opportunity! I have lots of pictures that I will send you! Yes, I am going to make it happen for your 12-month package. Even before the finale yesterday, my leadership team asked me if we could fund this... It was that positive! Thank you, Sandy"    -Sandy Peitzman

"It was wonderful! Great fun. We are collecting pictures to send to you. We will be signing up for a membership."    -Ginny Day

"Johanna, It was a BLAST! We are still laughing about some of the events today. I've had so many staff members tell me that yesterday was the BEST STAFF MEETING EVER! Which, I cannot take the credit for, so thank you. I will definitely be joining.  Thanks again- It was just what we needed to pick things up!"    -Mary Goble

"Johanna... Our staff had a BLAST!!! If was fun to see everyone laughing and working together in a different way! The 3 days of activities were also very exciting. "    -Brenda Peterson

"Everyone loved this, especially the Distraction Trivia. There were many "thanks" for the laughs and the timing was perfect!"    -Angie Thunker

"Our staff enjoyed every minute of this contest!! We are seriously considering membership."    -Christy Jordan and Eric Bransteter

"Thank you for providing our staff with some much needed fun! We were able to hold our final contest on Friday and it was a HUGE success as we got to laugh together and see each other in a new light."    -Andy Smeltzer

"Thank you so very much for this fun filled week. Our teams really united and came together. It was unbelievable! We had so much fun at the staff meeting finale. This was exactly what we needed. I do appreciate all of you help along the way."    -Dina Jones & Valerie DiFresco

"Thank you! Our staff absolutely loved the meeting and the events leading up to it! It was so much fun and definitely created a buzz of positive energy amongst teams and across the building!"    -Phil Georgia

"The contest went great. Everyone was engaged, collaborative and excited. It was a great way to end our workshop week. Thanks so much!!!!!!"    -Tim Hodges

"The meeting was a huge success! I saw a staff burdened with many stressors find a reason to smile and enjoy one another. Thank you for the work that you do. I am discussing your business with leadership.    -Julie Weatherman

"The staff had a blast. Most said it was the best meeting ever, and we want to keep the momentum going!"    -Rachel Walters

"This Team Building activity was amazing!! I wish we could have filmed the entire fun we had at our finale. I don't think our staff will ever forget the memories we created throughout the week and at our grand finale."    -Luci Rodriguez

"This was SUPER fun! Thank you so much for your help with this. Our staff had an incredible time! :)"    -Namrata Patel


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