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Professional team building and staff appreciation made affordable.

WE PROVIDE A FREE Custom PROGRAM you can use however you wish, then you decide from there.

Do you have an event coming up, a meeting, a retreat, have people not playing nice together, or just need an office pick-me-up? You need something unique and inexpensive, but most importantly you can't have it fall flat! Stop looking.  We know what to do, and it won’t cost you a dime.

Make no mistake, we’re not offering some dinky, two-page instruction sheet. Not at all. We'll provide you a full-blown, professional, custom program.  Watch this video sample:

AND WHY DO WE PROVIDE THIS service FOR FREE, without strings or commitments?  LIKE WE SAID…WE ARE DIFFERENT!

Maintaining an engaged and productive team is critical to any company, but building staff morale and appreciation is a never-ending journey that is often overlooked due to competing priorities.

That's where we come in. We formalize the team building and staff appreciation process for you. 

Think team building, staff appreciation, and morale all wrapped into one!

Once you experience your free program, we know you’ll want to keep the momentum going.  Every two to three months, our industry-first membership model brings you professional-level activities that are unique and fun for your whole team. Throughout the year, we'll cover all aspects of team building, morale, and staff appreciation.  Best of all, most run in the background of normal workdays, requiring no time off work or any special planning or expense on your part.

Imagine…you can schedule these programs on “auto-pilot” throughout the year without the headache of planning and pressure. Watch your morale increase dramatically. 

Think of us as your behind-the-scenes staff morale division, while you take all the credit.  
And our membership model allows us to keep costs down, bringing you professional-level results over the course of an entire year, for less than the cost of even one traditional activity!!!

But let us prove it to you first.  Sign up for your free program, let us show you what professional programs can do, and then you can decide afterward if you want to join our membership. Remember, there is no commitment. It’s totally fine for you to use our free program for your event or meeting, pay nothing, and then not join... though we bet you will!

You're on your way!  Fill out the form below and then sit back and let us take care of the rest.  

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