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We understand.

  • You want to do team building, but you don't want it to backfire.
  • You want it unique, fun, easy to pull off, and ideally you want to fit into 45 minutes or less.
  • You DON'T want to risk money for an activity that might be lame or fall flat.
  • Essentially, you just want the staff to say it was the best time they ever had, and by extension, think you're incredible since you're the one who thought of it.  After all, is that really so much to ask?

Don't worry.  You're in the right place... and this is risk free.  

We are different.  We are an online team building and staff appreciation membership club with a reputation built over 15 years. We provide you with professional-level programs that you execute in your own time, with under 10-minutes of setup and no extra cost. 

We have two ways that we grow our business:

1. Word of mouth. (click for testimonials)

2. Let offices try our programs for free so they can see for themselves.    

If you're on this page, we want you to try a free program to fit your needs. Fill out the form below and tell us your situation and we'll get you started.

Privacy: We do not sell or distribute any information. Provided info is solely for purposes of creating your free program.
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Anything special you would like us to know? An estimated number of participants? Low morale, new staff members, people not playing nice together? Do you need something for a meeting or just need a morale boost and you're open to suggestions?

  Why is this free?  Will I be billed?

Yes, it’s 100% free.  No, you will not be billed.

Team building and staff morale is an ongoing process, you can't just do a one-time event and check it off your list.  Smart Team Building is a one-of-a-kind, year-long team building and morale membership service with a reputation built over 15 years.  We offer many different membership options, but we'll explain all that after you've experienced what our programs can do.  After your week, we will send you information on how you can sign up for our membership if you so desire, and this time will have just be the beginning.  But signing up for more is not required and will be totally up to you.  It’s fine for you to use this one for free, enjoy the results, and not sign up for more.

We just want you to see what we can do.

 What to Expect

Once you submit the form above, we'll contact you via email and find a professional program just for your needs.  Then you sit back, relax, and take the credit for all our good ideas. 


Just a few testimonials

IT WAS OFF THE HOOK!!! Everyone loved it and we just now finished up. They left here laughing and loved the entire process. I will send the pictures and video uploads. This has been the best event I have done in three years!
— Shawn Moore

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