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New office team building game being tested now thru May 31st.

Does your business or office have more than 5 employees?  Are you trying to get through the winter doldrums and need a pick-me-up?   Let us help each other out!

We would like to offer your office a 100% free game, in exchange for your 10-minute feedback for this focus group.

We are a professional team building service that periodically needs to test new programs, and right now we are super excited for this latest design.  We'll handle everything for you through email and the web, but to everyone else it will seem as though you are the actual creative genius responsible for it all.   The game involves emails being sent for four days beforehand, and then all you need is 30 to 45 minutes together as a group for the finale, which can be done over lunch or any normal staff meeting.

After your game, we'll send you a 10-minute questionnaire.  That's all there is to it.  

Think team building, morale, and staff appreciation... all in one. If you've been looking around the web for team building ideas, this is a great chance to have a professional company do it for you, for no cost, while everyone else thinks you did it yourself!

Fill out the form below for more information or to get started.   

Yes, it's 100% FREE. We only ask for your feedback.  Thanks for your help!

What You Get

  • The Ingenious Dr. Thornbacker is a professional, week-long mystery contest that we've developed to turn your normal workweek on it's head. 
  • We start sending emails to your staff 4 days beforehand to set the plot and put things in motion, and then the action culminates with a 30 to 45 minute finale with all the staff.
  • You'll be amazed how fast everyone is energized and how quickly the office fills with laughter and smiles. 
  • You get to pick the teams.  Mix up the departments to improve communication, or keep your natural teams to improve cohesion.  This will work with as few as two people per team, or as many as 10 per team.  
  • Everything runs through email and the web, making it super simple for you.  Setup takes less than 10 minutes.
  • Teams compete over the course of the week to solve the mystery and win the game.  Each day the teams will get new emails, new missions, and new clues. They must strategize, communicate, and come together as a unit to win.
  • "Missions" only take 5 minutes a day to complete, but they’ll be talking about it all day. The goal is to make their week more enjoyable, not add more work to it!
  • The plot involves twists, turns, clues, and tons of humor. There are jokes, hidden clues, riddles, talent competitions, trivia, and contests of all kinds.
  • The 30 to 45 minute staff meeting at the end includes half a dozen contests and games that you won't soon forget.  You can schedule this for any day of the week that fits your schedule, not just Friday.    

What's Required?

  1. We need input from all sizes, but we ask that your business have at least 5 people, and not more than 200.
  2. Sometime between now and May 31st, 2018, you will need to be able to hold a 30 to 45-minute staff meeting as the finale.  You could do this as a special lunch or fit it into a larger meeting you already have planned– it’s completely up to you.  
  3. The only cost you will be responsible for is a prize for the winning team.  Most places do gift certificates or extra casual-dress days, and even if you have zero budget, we provide you with a list of prize suggestions that cost nothing. 
  4. At the end of the program, we'll send you a short questionnaire that typically takes about 5 to 10 minutes to fill out.  What worked the best?  Do you have any suggestions to make it better?  You get the idea.  We only ask that you give us your honest feedback.


Why is this free?  Will I be billed?

Yes, it’s 100% free.  No, you will not be billed.

We are a professional team building and morale membership service, and periodically we need to test out our new programs before unleashing them on our members.  However, rest assured that they have already been extensively tested before they get to you, we are professionals after all!  At this point, we just need final feedback. 

Our reputation is still at stake, and we take your business and your satisfaction as seriously as we would one of our members.  You're truly getting a professional-level program that everyone will love... for free!


To sign up your office or ask questions, fill out the form below.

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Date you would like to hold the staff meeting finale. We will work backwards from there to figure out when to start the emailing.
Date you would like to hold the staff meeting finale. We will work backwards from there to figure out when to start the emailing.
Anything special you would like us to know? An estimated number of participants? Low morale, new staff members, people not playing nice together?
Privacy: We do not sell or distribute any information. Provided info is solely for purposes of creating your free program.

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