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Team Building is an ongoing process.

Whatever style team building you need right now - a fun activity, a 30 minute section at a meeting, or a full-blown in-office adventure - We want to give you a professional solution for free, just so you can see what we can do. 

The biggest mistake companies make is not having a team building and morale plan.  They randomly insert activities every blue moon, and whether it's a hit or a miss, either way everyone ends up going back to work with nothing really changing.  To truly make positive changes to your office environment, you need it to be an ongoing process.

We are different.  We are an online team building membership company, providing professional-level solutions every 8 weeks customized just for your office.  Throughout the year, we'll have everyone laughing and smiling as we cover all aspects of team building, morale, and staff appreciation.  And since we have over 1300 members, we have the experience to know what works, and you'll get to take the credit.

Our programs come at you from all different angles.  Some are mysteries that run in the background of any normal workweek: "Someone in the office has been leading a double life..."  Some are stress relief oriented, some are staff appreciation oriented, and some address cohesion and leadership.  We have year end staff parties, escape rooms, staff appreciation weeks, 10-minute meeting activities, and a lot more.

Here's how it works.  Because we are a membership, we don't have to charge you for your first program or activity.  So whether you already have a meeting or event in mind, just need a quick activity, or if you simply know your office needs team building and you're not sure what direction to go, we want to provide you a professional solution, 100% for free.  Afterwards, we'll send you information on the year-long membership, and you can decide at that time if you wish to join or not.  It's totally fine to use the free offer, enjoy the results, and not sign up for more.

No matter what you decide, we're going to take care of everything with your free start, and you're going to impress everyone with how well it turns out.  We work all online, and setup usually takes less than 10 minutes.  Plus, there's no commitment and no credit card required.  We simply want to show you what we can do.

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Meeting Date (if you are signing up for a program and know what date you would like your meeting finale)
Anything special you would like us to know? An estimated number of participants? Low morale, new staff members, people not playing nice together? Do you need something for a meeting or just need a morale boost and you're open to suggestions?

  Why is this free?  Will I be billed?

Yes, it’s 100% free.  No, you will not be billed.

Team building and staff morale is an ongoing process, you can't just do a one-time event and check it off your list.  Smart Team Building is a one-of-a-kind, year-long team building and morale membership service with a reputation built over 15 years.  Other companies only provide one-time activities, so they have to charge you up front.  Since we provide ongoing services, we want to show you what we're all about first, providing whatever team building or staff appreciation you need, for free.  After you see the quality and the benefits, you can then decide to sign up for membership if you so desire.  But signing up for more is not required and will be totally up to you.  It’s fine for you to use this one for free, enjoy the results, and not sign up for more.

We simply want you to see what we can do.

 What to Expect

Once you submit the form above, we'll go over your information and contact you via email and find a professional program just for your needs.  Then you sit back, relax, and take the credit for all our good ideas. 

IT WAS OFF THE HOOK!!! Everyone loved it and we just now finished up. They left here laughing and loved the entire process. I will send the pictures and video uploads. This has been the best event I have done in three years!
— Shawn Moore
Thank you for following up! In short, we had an amazing time last week. Quite honestly, I was shocked at how much the staff got into it. I have always prided myself on having an upbeat and positive work climate, but I don’t think we realized how much we needed something fun to do as a staff until this event came along! In my 14 years, I’ve never seen anything quite like it. Thank you!
— Jeffrey Riel
Thanks! We are going to sign up for membership. This was by far the easiest team building activity I have done and the staff talked about it all day. It was a great way to end the month.
— Ruth Tomlinson
It was an absolutely awesome day! We had a great time and our staff is VERY competitive. Everything went great and a good time was had by all! Thank you!
— Angela Lane
It was perfect! I feel blessed to have been provided this opportunity! I have lots of pictures that I will send you! Yes, I am going to make it happen for your 12-month package. Even before the finale yesterday, my leadership team asked me if we could fund this... It was that positive! Thank you!
— Sandy Peitzman

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