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Seattle Corporate Team Building

Are you experiencing low productivity and morale because some of your employees aren’t happy at work or don’t work well together? Do you have high employee turnover rates that are forcing you to spend time and money hiring and training new employees?

Our Seattle corporate team building activities professionals know that these are common problems. When employees are unhappy, unfulfilled and don’t feel appreciated, it affects their work and your bottom line.

How Can Our Seattle Team Building Program Help Your Company’s Morale and Productivity?

Team building activities can help employees get to know each other outside of their usual work responsibilities and hierarchies. However, many employers can’t afford the downtime required.

Even good team building in Seattle WA often has short-term results. Then the improved camaraderie and morale dissipates, and it’s like it never happened.

At Smart Team Building, we have a solution that provides better results for less money. We design a year-round program of Seattle corporate team building activities for the unique needs and personalities of their staff.

How Are Our Corporate Team Building Activities in Seattle WA Different?

  • They can be take place onsite, so they minimize lost productivity.
  • They aren’t a “one and done.” Our membership programs involve a year of “boost” activities and events designed to build on each other.
  • They’re less expensive than most traditional professional team building activities.
  • We do the work of designing the program, while employers get the credit from their team.

You Have Nothing to Lose!

We’ll work with you to design an initial event or activity at no charge. If you like the results, we’ll provide you with ideas for a year of boosts to improve on those results. If you decide not to move forward with a membership, you don’t owe us anything! We can make this offer because we’re confident that clients will want to continue.

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