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National Charter School Convention Special

We are a year-long team building and morale service for schools.  We are giving NCSC attendees a totally free program you can use at the start of the year so that you can see the difference professional programs make.  Once you've tried it, you'll be able to decide on a year membership package, or you can simply enjoy the results but not sign up for more.  There is no charge or commitment.

STEP 1:  Read the description of the program below the form and pick out a date when you can hold a 45-minute staff meeting.

STEP 2: Fill out the form and hit submit.

STEP 3: We'll send you a welcome packet, help you form your teams, and get you all set up. 

STEP 4: You'll be able to change dates or cancel at any time. There is no commitment.

Thank you and we look forward to getting your year started off right!  

Contact's Name *
Contact's Name
You may pick any date in July through October (See below for more details and tips on picking out a date.)
Anything special you would like us to know? Low morale, new staff members, need grade levels to communicate better, people not playing nice together?
Thank you so very much for this fun filled week. It was unbelievable! This was exactly what we needed.
— Dina Jones & Valerie DiFresco

WHAT is the free program like

  • The Ingenious Dr. Cooper is a professional, week-long mystery contest that we run for $25 PER person for corporations, but you can do 100% FREE as a NCSC attendee.  It fits into the background of any normal workweek, and it perfect for the start of the year. 
  • Everything runs through email and the web, making it super simple for you.
  • You get to pick the teams.  It works with as few as two people per team, or as many as 12 per team.  Mix up grade levels to increase communication, or keep them together to strengthen bonds.
  • The mystery kicks off when you announce to the staff that you'll be holding a contest and have a special SECRET prize picked out for the winners (this announcement will be provided for you to copy and paste into your own office email). That's all the information you can give at the time, but everyone should keep an eye out for an email the next day.
  • The following morning Smart Team Building will send hilarious emails to each of the teams detailing how someone in your school has been leading a double life, and how their team must now win this contest.
  • You'll be amazed how fast everyone is energized and how quickly the office fills with laughter and smiles.  It truly makes for a fun week! 
  • Teams compete over the course of the week to solve the mystery and win the game.  Each day the teams will get new emails, new missions, and new clues. They must strategize, communicate, and come together as a unit to win.
  • "Missions" only take 5 minutes a day to complete, but they’ll be talking about it all day. The goal is to make their week more enjoyable, not add more work to it!
  • The plot involves twists, turns, clues, and tons of humor. There are jokes, hidden clues, riddles, talent competitions, trivia, and contests of all kinds.

Staff Meeting Finale and picking out a date

At the end of your week, you hold a 45-minute staff meeting as the finale that includes half a dozen contests and games.  There are plenty of opportunities for prizes and staff appreciation.  The staff meeting finale is a refreshing opportunity for everyone to come together to relieve stress and laugh. 

This meeting doesn't have to be on a Friday, it can actually be any day of the week.  For example, if you want to hold your meeting on a Wednesday, we'll just start your adventure week on the prior Thursday.  If you would like to hold this when your staff first arrives back after summer break, just make sure they will have been back on campus for at least 3 days prior to this meeting.

  Why is this free?  Will I be billed?

Yes, it’s 100% free.  No, you will not be billed.

Team building and staff morale is an ongoing process, and Smart Team Building is a one-of-a-kind, year-long team building and morale membership service with a reputation built over 15 years.   After your week, we will send you information on how you can sign up for our membership if you so desire, and this boost will just be the beginning.  But signing up for more is not required and will be totally up to you.  It’s fine for you to use this boost for free, enjoy the results, and not sign up for more.


 What to Expect

Fill out the quick registration above and we'll email you a welcome packet and a team roster.  You fill out the roster by forming the office teams however you desire, email it back, and that’s it!  Smart Team Building will take it from there! 


IT WAS OFF THE HOOK!!! Everyone loved it and we just now finished up. They left here laughing and loved the entire process. I will send the pictures and video uploads. This has been the best event I have done in three years!
— Shawn Moore

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