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 If you manage more than 5 people, you need our service. Let us explain in under 25 seconds:

Lesson 1

Lesson 1.jpg

Happy, motivated people = happy, motivated, successful business.

Lesson 2

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Oh, you thought keeping them happy and motivated would be easy??? It turns out, people are humans, and humans are the most complicated creatures in the universe.

Lesson 3

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No doubt you know your business inside and out, but you are most likely not an expert at human psychology. And even if you are, you are busy running the business.

Lesson 4

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This is important: The morale and attitude of the office influences all aspects of the business, perhaps more than any other single facet of your work. DON’T LEAVE THIS TO CHANCE!

Ok, but you’re not sure what to do? Join the club.

No, literally. JOIN THE CLUB!

We are a morale, staff appreciation, and NON-TRADITIONAL team building membership club.

Here’s how it works:

Everything we do is through email and online.

You instantly become the world’s best boss.

We provide you our professional programs and stay in the background, while you take all the credit.

Because it’s easier to show you than explain in words, we start you off with “The Contest,” an unbelievably fun staff appreciation mystery that runs in the background of any normal workweek. It will have your office smiling and laughing like never before, GUARANTEED. This is the same program we use for IBM, Sprint, and Intuit at $25/employee, but you’ll get to do it your first month for no additional cost. Yours to keep whether you cancel your membership or not.

June 2019 Sign Up Special:

  • 33% off for life! (We don’t offer this one much, so we suggest you jump on it…) You pay just $19/month instead of the normal $29.

  • $89 setup fee waived.

  • Cancel anytime, no charge.

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