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Indoor Outdoor Team Building Activities

Employees who spend eight-plus hours together every day are bound to have conflicts – both personal and work-related ones. That’s just one cause of low morale. When employees feel unappreciated, the quality of their work, and therefore company productivity, can suffer. When an employee quits, the cost of hiring and training a new employee cuts into the company’s bottom line.

We create programs consisting of outdoor and/or indoor team building activities for staff members that help improve camaraderie. They also show employees that they are valued by their managers.

Unique Programs of Indoor and Outdoor Team Building Activities for Employees

We know that some popular team building exercises aren’t comfortable for everyone. Some can seem silly, embarrassing or pointless to older workers, even if younger ones get a lot out of them.

That’s why we work with our clients to design both outdoor and indoor team building activities for adults of all ages, personalities, cultural backgrounds and education levels, based on what is right for their workplace and staff.

Most of our activities can be done either indoors or outdoors. However, if you have a large campus with lots of open space and year-round good weather, you may want to design a program of mostly outdoor team building activities for staff members.

Smart Team Building’s programs are different from those of many team building professionals. For example:

  • Our activities are designed to be done onsite, with just part of the workforce participating at any one time. This minimizes disruption to your business.
  • Our programs consist of a series of “Boost” events that you schedule as you choose. Each outdoor or indoor team building activity for employees is designed to build on the previous one.
  • The first activity is FREE, and there’s no obligation to continue if you’re not satisfied. (But we think you will be!)

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