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Who is Smart Team Building?

Smart Team Building is a creative and innovative team building, morale, and staff appreciation company that created an industry-first “Membership Model” that enables teams to enjoy planned and engaging activities throughout the year. This model enables companies and organizations to continually engage their teams in fun and exciting activities in their own workplace at a fixed annual cost that is typically less than the cost of a single traditional activity. Since, 2003, over 4,000 organizations of all sizes throughout the country have enjoyed our solutions.

What other solutions do you offer?

Smart Team Buildings’ solutions focus entirely on team building, morale and staff appreciation activities. Our mission is to continually create the most unique, engaging and fun activities that are engaging, easy to deploy and sure to be enjoyed by all.

Why is Smart Team Building different from its competitors?

For a number of reasons:

·         We know team building is a never-ending journey, not just a single destination (or event!). That’s why we pioneered the “Membership Model” to keep the momentum going throughout the year with minimal cost and headache to you.

·         Our programs run in the background of your normal workplace where your teams interact every day, no need to leave the building or take time off.

What is a Boost?

Because team building is an ongoing strategy and typically handled by most organizations through expensive and time-consuming “events”, we simplified and structured a series of events or activities that are all-inclusive and available throughout the year to formalize team building. We call each of these activities a “Boost” as they build on the previous one for maximum ongoing benefit. Simply put, a Boost is an activity that increases morale and teamwork.

How much does your solution cost?

Your initial activity is FREE. You try it, you’ll love it and immediately realize the benefit of integrating these “Boosts” into your schedule for the year. That’s where our unique “Membership Model” comes in for a very affordable $699 for the year. That’s it…all inclusive, and you’re set for the year!

What specifically do I get with my membership?

Every 8-10 weeks we provide our members with a new Boost to address different area of team building, morale, or staff appreciation. The idea is to mix it up and utilize all kinds of different tools, techniques and strategies to engage them, AND keep it SUPER EASY on you.  By the end of the year, you’ll have a team willing to run through walls for each other! 

Are these just standard team building activities?

Absolutely not!  As experts focused entirely on creating unique and innovative activities, our programs were created because we knew there was a need to get away from standard and traditional (boring!) team building activities.  Nobody likes those and they have minimum benefit. In fact, with our activities, you’ll never even mention “team building” to anyone on your staff, it just happens!

Do I get a choice of which activities I want included?

Yes, We work with you to tailor the program so we get it right for you and your group..  You always get to customize, edit, adjust dates, delay, or skip any Boost.

Do I have to sign a long term contract?

No.  You are free to cancel anytime.

What can I expect when I sign up for a Membership?

We’ll provide you with a customized calendar that lays out our plan for the year.  You’ll see all your Boosts and the areas of team building that they cover.  As time approaches for each one, we’ll work with you to finalize dates and customize the Boosts.

Can you explain the details of your Guarantee and Free Offer? 

We don’t want you to pay a dime until you’ve experienced what we can do for your team.  Thus, we let you have one of our full, professional Boosts 100% free, with no strings attached.  Simply tell us a date when you can hold a 30 to 45 minute staff meeting which we’ll use the Boost as the finale, and we’ll get you all set up within 15 minutes.  This Boost is free whether you later decide to become members or not.  It’s fine to use this Boost, enjoy the results, and then not sign up for membership… though we bet you will you will easily see the benefits!

Can you provide some references or testimonials? 

Yes. We provide references upon request and we have tons of testimonials from happy clients, some you can check out by clicking HERE

Why don’t other companies offer a Free Offer like yours? 

Because they are typically “one-trick ponies”, that is, they are event focused. Their goal is to provide a one-time event that requires research, scheduling, time off, outside-of-office locations, greater expense etc. Their team building approach is a singular event, ours is a planned, strategic and ongoing “program” at far less cost and headaches. They can’t have a free offer if their service is one-time only!

Do I have to pay upfront for the Membership? 

There is no payment until after your Free Boost and you’ve experienced the value of strategic team building and want to continue.  Like any membership, we then require the annual fee at that time.

Do I have to upgrade my plan to further improve my results?

No. Your results throughout the year are already going to be amazing.  We’re not going to upsell you later for something you don’t need. The program works as designed without upgrades. 

Does someone monitor my account and offer feedback?

Yes. When you become a member we’ll assign someone to your account who will work directly with you and be able to customize the program to your needs.  We work mostly via email to answer questions and provide feedback, though you’ll also be able to reach us on the phone whenever you need.

Do you have successful clients in my industry?

Yes, probably. Keep in mind our clients are teams, of all shapes and sizes. The industry has never mattered, as people are people and teams are teams wherever…building morale and appreciation improves teams of all types, sizes, industries, etc.

What is the advantage of planned team building activities?

Maintaining effective, efficient and engaged teams is a critical strategy for most organizations, regardless of size or type. Like any good strategy, team building requires planning, execution and follow-up to maintain traction and optimize results. Too often team building, morale and staff appreciation is put off or neglected due to other priorities or the simple complexities of planning. 

Smart team Building provides you the planning, the execution and the follow-up so you can actually make team building an effective strategy, cost effectively and headache-free.

The advantage to you is multi-faceted:

·         you can actually deliver on a team building strategy for your organization

·         you can actually enjoy the activities and the results

·         you can actually afford the membership and appreciate its benefits

Are multiple planned team building activities easy to do?

No, not by yourself! Between researching the types of activities, the requirements, the timing, the logistics, the cost, etc. it becomes a giant project that often falls to the wayside. Smart Team Building does it all for you for a single annual Membership price. We do all the research, testing, and planning, and then provide you with simple step-by-step programs to make it easy to execute.

Will team building work for my small business?

Absolutely. Teams come in all shapes and sizes, profit or non-profit…the benefits of effective, efficient and engaged teams benefit ANY group, small or large. We have worked with teams as small as 5 to groups over 500.

Easy to easy to get started? 

Yes. Smart Team Building prides itself on being easy-to-use and accommodating. Just click on the “Contact Us” tab OR the “Free First Activity” tab and fill in your information. You will then be on your way to enjoying the ease many benefits of “smart team building”.

What info do I have to provide to get started?

If you want to try the Free Boost, go ahead and fill in a date when you can hold a 30-45 minute staff meeting with the Boost as the finale along with your contact info. Keep in mind this doesn’t lock you in as we can always adjust the date later if needed. We will confirm and then you are on your way.

Can I add in more team building exercises during the year?

Yes. We will work with you to add activities whenever you need them, this is an additional benefit of Membership.

Do you sell individual exercises to non-members?

No. Simply because we strongly believe team building is most effective when planned and executed over the long term for ongoing and maximum benefit. 

Will team building get me more business?

Possibly. It’s no secret that engaged and motivated team members reflect positively on your business. And they will stay with your organization longer. If they are customer facing, you can imagine the benefit this can provide when your customers engage with them. People want to do business with happy people!

Can I see the direct result of your program…is there an ROI?

Yes. We all know that happy and engaged team members are more productive and stay longer. More productive employees save you money (and can make you money!) Low turnover will save you money.

Consider some of the results from a recent CAP study on the cost of employee turnover and what your company can save by even a 10% increase in retention:

·         16% of the annual salary for high-turnover, lower-paying jobs (under $30k/year). For example, the cost to replace a $10/hour retail employee would be $3,328.

·         20% of the annual salary for med-range positions ($30-50k/year). For example, the cost to replace a $40k/year manager would be $8,000

·         Up to 213% of annual salary for executive positions. For example, the cost to replace a $100k/year c-level executive would be $213,000

·         Finally, there are many intangible, and often untracked, costs associated with employee turnover

Why is a proactive team building program better than single events?

We want to help you create a work family. This is in everyone’s best interest. This doesn’t just happen over a couple hours or even one day, on random occurrences. You need structured and dynamic interaction over the long-term, and that’s what we do. We do the work, you get the benefit!

Will you help me with executing my team building events?

We are your team building partners. Although we’re not “event planners” we will share our vast experience over many years and many clients any time. Tips and tricks always available.

What are my competitors doing?

We don’t actually know as we focus intensely on making our clients successful. But, you can be assured, if they’re not addressing team building, morale, and staff appreciation, you’re going to have the better team and an edge on them when it comes to hiring top talent.

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