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"Great Job! It's a fantastic program!" -Bill Cocke, ibm

Team building, morale, and staff appreciation are ongoing processes.  Other companies want to sell you one-time activities or events, and they get paid whether it works well or not.  Either way, three months later, you're right back where you started, trying to think of another activity. 

We are different.  We stay in the background and bring a plan to your staff morale and team needs, not with just a one-time activity, but throughout the entire year.  Every 8 to 10 weeks we have something new for you, whether it's one of our famous week-long mystery adventures right in your office, game show weeks, stress relief staycations, escape rooms, staff appreciation weeks, or themed holiday parties.  It's all online and we handle everything, so it's super simple on you.  

We don't want to be paid upfront.  We won't try to "sell you."  We're not even going to attempt to convey how great our programs and activities are, using words like, "incredible, hilarious, and uber-creative!" ( though we won't stop other people from saying it... see testimonials)

We don't have to. Our program sells itself.  Contact us and we'll set you up with one, free of charge or commitment.  Try it out, enjoy the results, and then you'll have all the information you need to decide if membership is right for you.  


-Tim Mollenkopf, Owner



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