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"Great Job! It's a fantastic program!" -Bill Cocke, ibm

Since 2003, we’ve heard these this type of testimonial over and over again from our many satisfied clients!

From the onset we’ve been passionate about team building, staff morale and employee appreciation. We’ve always recognized the power of motivated teams and sought to find a way to integrate creative and innovative activities that promoted morale and appreciation…in the very place that people work and interact with their associates.

With that challenge, we developed a simple and highly-effective business model: take professional team building concepts, incorporate staff appreciation techniques, and roll everything into engaging, fun and creative scenarios that don't seem like team building at all. And, make it easy and simple to do throughout the year with minimal cost and headaches. 

This focused expertise combined with our industry-unique “Membership Model” makes Smart Team Building an ideal team building partner that you can count on to deliver fun, planned and successful activities…all at fixed, cost-effective annual price.

So, if you are one of our loyal members who enjoys our new creations year in and year out, THANK YOU! And if you are new to Smart Team Building and about to participate for your first time... get ready to have fun and boost your teams’ morale.

Try it…You'll like it…And your first activity is FREE. 


-Tim Mollenkopf, Owner



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