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Click to Download Option 1 - Easy Year Review Slideshow

This is a very easy way to provide a sentimental year review.  We’ve created a presentation for you to download, simply change out the pictures with your own, and then you can either show this to the staff at a meeting, or share through email or on a webpage if you don’t have a meeting.

Click to Download option 2 - end of year survey with meeting skit

This is similar to the first option, but it also allows for input from the staff with an online survey.  You’ll collect responses for questions like, “What did you like about this year,” and, “How can we work to improve next year,” that type of thing.  You can even add your own questions and customize however you wish.

You then use the responses from the survey and insert them into a presentation we created for you as a Saturday Night Live parody, with an included script.  Use this as a 10 to 15 minute year end review during a meeting.  You can keep it fun and simple, or use it as a springboard to get creative and really have fun with it.  It’s up to you.


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